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Release VA_-_Clubhunter_Music_Collection-8CD-(Short_Version)-2010-BDM
Album Clubhunter Music Collection 2010 (Short_Version)
Artist VA
Year 2008-2010
Group BDM
Genre Dance / House / Electronic / Breaks / Pop
Style Hands Up / Electro Pop / Progressive House / Hardstyle / Hardcore / Electro
Avg. Bitrate 181-320 kBit/s
Playtime 404:38 Mins
Size 802,1 MB
Tracks 111
Rls. Date 2010-12-29
Label N/A
Store N/A
Title Artist Quality Length
Only Girl (DJ Hyo Remix) Rihanna 320kbps︱CBR 03:04
Down (Clubhunter Remix) Jay Sean 320kbps︱CBR 02:55
Worst Enemy (DJ Hyo Remix) Siesta 320kbps︱CBR 03:30
Sakura Girl (Clubhunter Radio Edit) Commercial Club Crew vs. Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:20
When You’re Gone (Clubhunter Radio Edit) Chris Van Dutch Meets Massmann 188kbps︱VBR 04:42
Paradise (Clubhunter Radio Edit) Pornloverz feat. Alysha 320kbps︱CBR 03:18
Let Me Be The One (Clubhunter Radio Edit) Ma.Bra. Feat. Dalan Party 217kbps︱VBR 03:14
Be My Love Tonight (Clubhunter Radio Edit) DJ Hyo & Ma.Bra. 320kbps︱CBR 04:09
Be My Love Tonight (Ma.Bra. Radio Edit) DJ Hyo & Ma.Bra. 320kbps︱CBR 03:30
Pinball (Clubhunter Radio Edit) Cc.k 261kbps︱VBR 03:01
Be Responsibility (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo feat. Alvin 320kbps︱CBR 03:26
Dream Of You (Mike Junior Club Cut) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:23
Hidden Path (Ballad Version) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 02:37
Kiss Me (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 02:51
I Can’t Erase You (Club Mix) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:50
Woori Doori (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:35
Alley (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 04:05
Meeting 2008 (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 04:04
Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:28
Balck Cat Nero (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:16
Around World (Club Edit) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:17
Hidden Path (Club Edit) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:59
Bring Da Beat Back DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:20
Jump! (Dal Ryo!) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:21
Party Time (Young Jun Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:29
Party Time (Bootleggerz Radio Edit) DJ Hyo 186kbps︱VBR 04:10
Do Me (Discoduck Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:18
Without Your Love (Discoduck Radio Edit) Discoduck 320kbps︱CBR 03:30
Ga Gee Ma Discoduck 320kbps︱CBR 04:19
Lie To Me Discoduck 207kbps︱VBR 03:16
My Angel Discoduck feat. DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:13
Number One Discoduck feat. DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:07
Run Again Discoduck feat. DJ Hyo 193kbps︱VBR 03:22
Meeting 2008 (Clubhunter Remix) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:37
Dream Of You (Clubhunter Edit) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:00
Be Responsibility (Clubhunter Radio Edit) DJ Hyo feat. Alvin 320kbps︱CBR 03:29
Come Into My Heart DJ Hyo feat. Discoduck 320kbps︱CBR 03:59
In The Bus (Discoduck Electro House RMX) DJ Hyo vs. ZAZA 181kbps︱VBR 04:16
Eye In The Sky (Discoduck Italo Mix) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 04:00
Night Of The Night (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 02:53
Without Your Love (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Discoduck 320kbps︱CBR 03:09
Galaxy Light (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Galaxy Dream 320kbps︱CBR 03:21
Basstard (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Wooferman 320kbps︱CBR 03:01
I Like Chopin 2010 (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:16
Bambina (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 04:00
Do Me (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:23
Rain Again (DJ Hyo Remix) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:36
Lucky Star (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 03:48
Shine In My Life (DJ Hyo Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 03:36
In The Bus (Radio Edit) DJ Hyo vs. ZAZA 182kbps︱VBR 03:25
Starlight (Hardstyle) DJ Hyo vs. ZAZA 181kbps︱VBR 03:28
Hidden Path (Hands Up Version) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:21
Banban Mu Mani Mani Candycore 320kbps︱CBR 03:15
Blow Away (Radio Edit) Candycore 320kbps︱CBR 03:34
Not A True Goodbye 2k10 (Candycore Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 03:39
I Like Chopin 2010 (Candycore Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:38
Jump Baby (Clubhunter vs. Candycore Edit) Candycore 320kbps︱CBR 03:12
Jump Baby (Stee-V Radio Edit) Candycore 320kbps︱CBR 03:39
Shine In My Life (Babybooster Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 02:58
Happy Summer (Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 03:40
Lollipop (Radio Edit) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 03:31
Balck Cat Nero (Babybooster Club Edit) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:13
My Feeling For You (Megabooster Remix) DJ Hyo 181kbps︱VBR 03:53
Summer Kiss Dream Rider 320kbps︱CBR 03:24
Forever Love Jelly Touch 320kbps︱CBR 04:10
Morning Light Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:10
Rain Again Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:35
Self Control (Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 03:08
Galaxy Light (Electro Edit) Galaxy Dream 320kbps︱CBR 03:42
Stay Galaxy Dream 199kbps︱VBR 03:24
Stand Up Galaxy Dream feat. Wooferman 320kbps︱CBR 03:35
Everybody Crazy (Clubhunter Edit) Wooferman 320kbps︱CBR 03:13
Basstard (Original Mix) Wooferman 320kbps︱CBR 04:07
Overdrive (Radio Edit) Wooferman 320kbps︱CBR 03:54
Hidden Path (Instrumental) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 04:03
Meeting 2008 (Inst) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 04:04
Forever Love (Piano Ver.) Jelly Touch 320kbps︱CBR 03:22
Ooh La La Jelly Touch 192kbps︱VBR 03:21
Don’t Forget (Radio Mix) Galaxy Dream feat. Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:15
Not A True Goodbye 2k10 (Turbotronic Radio) Babybooster 320kbps︱CBR 04:25
Not Again Babybooster feat. Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 04:06
Loving Melody Clubhunter feat. Turbotronic 192kbps︱CBR 02:52
Love Song Clubhunter feat. Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 02:56
Do Me (Turbotronic Radio Edit) Clubhunter 320kbps︱CBR 04:02
I Can’t Delete You Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:19
If You Should Leave Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:58
Look In To My Eyes Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:10
True Love (Turbotronic Radio) Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 04:00
Night Of The Night (Turbotronic Radio Edit) Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:09
I Can’t Delete You (Remix) Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:55
Twilight Turbotronic 320kbps︱CBR 03:23
From Inside Summer (DJ Hyo Electro Mix) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:24
Bad Promies (DJ Hyo Electro House Mix) Lee Jae Hwang 192kbps︱CBR 04:28
When The Sun Shine (DJ Hyo Electro House Mix) Song Dae Gwan 192kbps︱CBR 03:51
Go To The Beach (DJ Hyo Electro House Mix) Key Boys 320kbps︱CBR 03:31
Violet Fragrance (DJ Hyo Soft House Mix) Gang Su Ji 192kbps︱CBR 04:19
Pure Heart (DJ Hyo Electro Funk Mix) Koyote 192kbps︱CBR 03:27
Never Forgive (DJ Hyo Latin House Mix) Cha Su Kyoung 192kbps︱CBR 05:20
From Inside Summer (DJ Hyo House Mix) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:36
Another Day (Electro) DJ Hyo 192kbps︱CBR 03:21
Cocktail Love (DJ Hyo Reggaeton Mix) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 03:12
Bad Promies (DJ Hyo Mix) Cha Su Kyoung 192kbps︱CBR 04:54
Never Forgive (DJ Hyo Mix) Cha Su Kyoung 192kbps︱CBR 05:13
Summer Story (DJ Hyo Club Mix) DJ Doc 320kbps︱CBR 04:02
Summer Talk (DJ Hyo Mix) DJ Doc 320kbps︱CBR 04:48
Please Summer (DJ Hyo Mix) DJ Hyo 320kbps︱CBR 04:05
Never Forgive (DJ Hyo Mix) Jang Ser Hee 192kbps︱CBR 05:43
Pure Heart (DJ Hyo Mix) Koyote 192kbps︱CBR 04:16
Sad Fate (DJ Hyo Mix) Lee Jae Hwang 192kbps︱CBR 04:18
Puyo Puyo (DJ Hyo Mix) U.P 320kbps︱CBR 04:32
Bad Promies (DJ Hyo Mix) Chea Young In 192kbps︱CBR 04:54

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