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Release VA_-_Rob_Mayth_Collection-3CD-2009-BDM
Album Rob Mayth Collection 2009
Artist VA
Year 2003-2009
Group BDM
Genre Dance
Style Hands Up  / Bootleg Dance / Hard Dance
Avg. Bitrate 192-320 kBit/s
Playtime 344:46 Mins
Size 537,5 MB
Tracks 60
Rls. Date 2009-10-11
Label N/A
Store N/A
Title Artist Quality Length
Amigos (Rob Mayth Remix) Styles & Breeze 320kbps︱CBR 05:53
Memory (Rob Mayth Remix) Fragma 211kbps︱VBR 06:06
Freeloader (Rob Mayth FX Bootleg) Dave Darell 320kbps︱CBR 05:03
Free Radical (Rob Mayth Japan Remix) Delaction 233kbps︱VBR 04:35
Techno Rocker (A2 Rob Mayth Remix) Base Attack 193kbps︱VBR 05:26
When You’re Looking Like That (Rob Mayth Remix) Topmodelz 320kbps︱CBR 05:47
Hold Me Tonight (Rob Mayth Remix) Manian 188kbps︱VBR 05:16
Heart To Heart (Original Mix) Rob Mayth 320kbps︱CBR 04:50
Herz An Herz (Original Mix) Rob Mayth 234kbps︱VBR 04:50
Can I Get A Witness (Club Mix) Rob Mayth 192kbps︱CBR 05:20
Barbie Girl (Original Mix) Rob Mayth 217kbps︱VBR 06:24
Ipower (Extended Mix) Rob Mayth Vs Floorfilla 205kbps︱VBR 05:30
Goodbye (Na Na Na) Rob Mayth Feat. Bar10ders 200kbps︱VBR 06:41
Slam Down (Rob Mayth Remix) Teenagerz 182kbps︱VBR 05:37
Devil In Disguise (Rob Mayth Remix) Aycan 201kbps︱VBR 04:50
Celebrate The Summer (Rob Mayth Remix) Lacuna 192kbps︱CBR 05:52
Your Heart Keeps Burning (Rob Mayth Remix) Lazard 185kbps︱VBR 05:29
Hurricane (Rob Mayth Remix) Alex Megane 192kbps︱CBR 06:19
Big Boom Bang (Rob Mayth Remix) Zane & Foster 248kbps︱VBR 05:24
Let`s All Chant (Rob Mayth Remix) Straight Flush 213kbps︱VBR 05:38
Evacuate The Dancefloor (Rob Mayth Remix) Cascada 320kbps︱CBR 05:30
Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix) Cascada 197kbps︱VBR 06:24
How Do You Do (Rob Mayth Remix) Cascada 225kbps︱VBR 05:34
Holy Virgin (Rob Mayth Remix) Groove Coverage 193kbps︱VBR 05:47
Summer Rain (Rob Mayth Club Mix) Groove Coverage 176kbps︱VBR 06:25
Take Me Away (Katie Jewels Remix) 4 Strings 193kbps︱VBR 06:11
Burnin Love (Extended Club Mix) Katie Jewels 192kbps︱CBR 05:54
Come Again (Extended Club Mix) Katie Jewels 192kbps︱CBR 05:41
Come With Me (Rob Mayth Remix) Special D 196kbps︱VBR 05:33
You (Rob Mayth Remix) Special D 250kbps︱VBR 06:38
Sunshine (Rob Mayth Remix) DJ Sledge Hammer 320kbps︱CBR 04:58
Summerland (Rob Mayth Remix) Dreamland 190kbps︱VBR 04:38
Sunrise (Rob Mayth Remix) Angel City 187kbps︱VBR 06:47
Out Of The Dark (Rob Mayth Remix) Age Pee 205kbps︱VBR 05:15
On A Party Trip (Rob Mayth Remix) Rocco & Bass-T 256kbps︱CBR 05:13
Technodisco (Rob Mayth Remix) Alex M Vs Marc Van Damme 192kbps︱CBR 06:26
Warriors Of Love (Rob Mayth Remix) Clubgroovers Vs Sad 192kbps︱CBR 06:10
Love Is More (Rob Mayth Remix) Ceoma feat. The Larx 243kbps︱VBR 05:51
Harder Than Ever Waveliner Vs Rob Mayth 192kbps︱CBR 06:46
Crazy Beatz (Rob Mayth Remix) L & M Project 173kbps︱VBR 07:25
You Know (Original Mix) Pimp! Code 320kbps︱CBR 05:23
Raise Your Head Up! (Original Mix) Pimp! Code 320kbps︱CBR 04:52
Wicked Body Moves (Extended Mix) Pimp! Code 198kbps︱VBR 05:18
Fucking Fresh (Extended Mix) Pimp! Code 181kbps︱VBR 05:02
Like A Rocket (Extended Mix) Pimp! Code 184kbps︱VBR 05:55
R U Ready (Club Mix) Pimp! Code 176kbps︱VBR 07:03
We Are The Best (Rob Mayth Remix) Pimp! Code 180kbps︱VBR 05:03
Heart To Heart (Pimp! Code Remix) Rob Mayth 203kbps︱VBR 05:50
Herz An Herz (Pimp! Code Remix) Rob Mayth 203kbps︱VBR 05:52
Tell Me When (Pimp! Code Remix) Rocco & Bass-T 200kbps︱VBR 05:16
Get Up 4 Dancecore (Rob Mayth Vs Pimp! Code Remix) Raveboy 219kbps︱VBR 04:47
Dont Give Up (Rob Mayth Remix) Rushroom 219kbps︱VBR 05:22
Sister Golden Hair (Rob Mayth Extended) Floorfilla 238kbps︱VBR 05:35
Fight (Rob Mayth Remix) Scale 192kbps︱CBR 06:25
Halfway To Heaven (Rob Mayth Remix) Melanie Flash 192kbps︱CBR 06:39
The Anthem (Rob Mayth Remix) Mental Madness Allstars 209kbps︱VBR 07:05
Baby I Love Your Way (Rob Mayth Remix) Partycheckerz 189kbps︱VBR 06:06
Dream Of (Rob Mayth Extended Remix) Red Light District 197kbps︱VBR 05:18
Silver Surfer (Teenagerz Remix) Dave Darell 192kbps︱CBR 06:33
Superheld (Mein Dance Mix) Rob & Chris 320kbps︱CBR 05:42

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